March 2, 2015

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Infusion Center

The Herbert and Sue Ann Redl Infusion Therapy Unit is located on the first floor of the Dyson Center for Cancer Care (845) 483-6329

Our Mission

When it comes to where you receive infusion services, you have a choice! Ask your physician about obtaining your care here at the Dyson Center for Cancer Care, Infusion Center. Services are available to all patients. In order to start your treatment without unnecessary delays, certain paperwork will be required of the ordering physician. This may include; written orders, a history and physical, patient demographics, and if applicable, a signed Hospital Blood Consent or Chemotherapy/Biotherapy Consent. Once all of the paperwork has been received we will help you arrange an appointment that works best for you and your schedule. Please call (845) 483- 6329 for more information or to schedule today.

At the Dyson Center for Cancer Care Infusion Center we are genuinely concerned about your health and comfort. We aim to impress you, our customer, with the quality and timeliness of our services, delivered in a pleasant and compassionate way. We answer and explain all procedures and treatments while promoting a spirit of caring in a healing environment.

We treat everyone with whom we come into contact as we wish to be treated, with integrity and respect.

With plenty of sunlight and the opportunity to have infusion services either with other patients or privately, we offer the latest in treatment and comfort. Our top notch staff compliments our bright infusion center. With a low nurse-to-patient ratio our patients are assured to receive all of the attention they need. Each RN in the infusion area holds certifications in Basic and Advanced Life Support. The nurses are also certified by the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation (ONCC) and each maintains chemotherapy/biotherapy provider status as issued by the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS). They are also active members in the local Mid-Hudson Chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society. Being active members of the local chapter allows them to participate in continuing education that provides up- to-date information on new therapies which in turn improves outcomes for our patients.

Our staff also includes an oncology certified advanced practice nurse (APRN) with a doctorate in nursing practice (DNP).  Advanced practice oncology nurses provide leadership to improve outcomes for patients with cancer and their families by increasing healthcare access, promoting clinical excellence, improving patients' quality of life, documenting patient outcomes, and increasing the cost-effectiveness of care. The American Nurses Association ([ANA], 2004) defined advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) as "RNs who have acquired specialized knowledge and skills to provide health care (p. 14)" and are expected to hold a master's or doctorate degree in their specialty

Research has substantiated the positive impact of APRNs. Significant outcomes include increased access to care and patient education; improved patient satisfaction, cost-effectiveness, and patient compliance; fewer hospital admissions; and decreased lengths of stay, readmission rates, emergency care visits, and healthcare costs (Brooten & Naylor, 1995; Cunningham, 2004; Fulton & Baldwin, 2004).

Oncology Clinical Pharmacy Specialist is another member of our team. She is a pharm D (doctorate degree in pharmacy) and is Board Certified as a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist. The Oncology Clinical Pharmacy Specialist provides consultative services to physicians and nurses, as well as to pharmacists and other healthcare personnel.  Because of the complexity of the medications used, and the protocols being used, the Pharmacy Specialist helps to ensure the proper utilization of these medications and management of complications secondary to therapy. In addition, this specialist keeps an up-to-date knowledge base on current and evidence based practices; promotes optimal patient care by monitoring prescribing of chemotherapy and other medication; assists in the management of side effects secondary to treatment; and maintains patient-specific medication administration records for its treatment course.

The Infusion Center offers the following:

  • Outpatient Chemotherapy Services is available for patients who have a local Medical Oncologist.  Your oncologist determines the type of Chemotherapy Regime needed and how often, and oversees your care while getting your medications at our Infusion Center.  We also include education.  We give you an individualized chemotherapy binder that is inclusive of what chemotherapy is, individualized chemotherapy drug information, side effect management, record keeping, financial, nutritional and support information.
  • Outpatient Cardiac Infusion Services are available at the Dyson Center for Cancer Care. Your attending cardiologist determines the type of intravenous medications needed, how often needed and oversees your care while at our Infusion Center. We also include education to help you improve your health.
  • Intravenous Hydration is available for patients from any type of physician. This therapy helps many patients keep their care 'on track'. Our pleasant and comfortable Infusion Center offers a relaxing experience, close to home.
  • Breast and GYN Oncology Treatment Services are provided prior to and the day of your surgery. You will be seen at the Infusion Center on your Pre-Surgical Testing visit, when the Registered Nurse will do an interview, assessment and provide education pre-operatively as well as tell you what to expect post-operatively. On the morning of your surgery, you will come to the infusion center to be prepared for surgery, at that time post operative information will be reinforced. After your procedure you will be returned to the infusion center to be prepared to go home or you will go to your in-patient room located on South Circle 5 where you will receive expert care from our in-patient nursing staff.
  • Treatment for Chemotherapy and Non-Chemotherapy Anemia is available at the infusion center. Your primary physician will determine the type of treatment you need: for example Blood Transfusions, IV Iron preparations and injectable medications.
  • Treatment of various infections and/or Lymes Disease is provided at the Infusion Center through administration of intravenous antibiotics, as determined by your attending or specialty physician.
    • Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis is available at the infusion center. Your primary physician will determine the type of treatment you need. For example: methylprednisolone, Avonex, Novantron, or Tysabri. IV infusion.
    • Treatment for all forms of Arthritis is available at the infusion center.  Your primary physician will determine  the type of treatment you need. For example, Enbrel, Remicade, Humira, Rituxan, or Orencia
    • Treatment for Osteoporosis is available at the infusion center. Your physician will determine which type of medication  you need. For example : Boniva (a once every 3 month infusion) or Reclast (which is a once per year infusion).
    • Therapeutic Phlebotomy
    • Intravenous Steroids
    • Any type of intravenous or Intramuscular Medications needed but not listed above
    • PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) Lines are placed by specially trained Registered Nurses. This procedure can be done with or without ultrasound guidance and with or without use of our Sherlock guidance system. Once inserted, you can be taught self-care for your line or come to the infusion center for daily flushing and weekly dressing changes. Once your physician has determined your treatment is completed, the Infusion RN's will remove your line.

Caring for you is our priviledge.


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